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About Us

The Company „SAAR” was founded in 1993. The sphere of activity – elaboration and production of high quality natural oils. The preparations were made in collaboration with scientists of the Latvian Medical Academy.   

In oil production there are utilized natural (vegetal) ingredients, which are ecologically pure, without any synthetic additives, stabilizers or preservatives.

The oils provide wide field of usage – for strengthening immunosystem, in treatment of  heart and blood-vascular diseases, stomach  ulcer, liver and  kidney diseases, in  cases of hair falling and alopecia.

Proved technology used by experienced personnel is the guarantee of high quality of the produced oils.

We hope that each of you will find the inexhaustible spring of health in our natural preparations.

Nadezda Shabazova


Best Regards,
Director of the Company “SAAR”
Nadezda Shabazova

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