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is a balsam made of berries and kernels of sea buckthorn with addition of sprouts and leaves. The described composition makes the extract rich in valuable micro-elements, vitamins and biologically active substances.
Sea buckthorn balsam is acquired only from natural, ecologically pure substances, without stabilizers and preservatives. Due to the carefully elaborated technology, it is possible to preserve all the best features of sea buckthorn. The balsam contains almost all the possible water and fat soluble vitamins, biologically active substances, which are ideally composed and provide the effect the above-mentioned substances. Immune system is strengthened and your resistance to different illnesses, including viruses, is heightened by sea buckthorn balsam.

, qualities - β carotene (pro-vitamin A) features an important role in the processes of metabolism, especially regarding the stomach and intestinal canal. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) plays an important role in reproductive processes, it intensifies the activity of vitamin A. Unsaturated fatty acids leave favorable influence on the functions of cerebral and neural system. Chlorophyll features antibacterial effect. B-sytosterine ( pro-vitamin D) reduces the absorption of cholesterol. Cumarines work as spasmodic means with a remarkable anaesthetic effect. Ursolic acid, containing sea buckthorn balsam, features anti-inflammation and ulcer-treatment effect.

For internal use:
gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer; chronic colitis and constipation, chronic gastritis, heartburn

Dosage and application:
use one teaspoonful twice a day half an hour prior to meal or sleep for 10 to 12 days, repeat if necessary after a 7 to 10 days break

For external application:
burns, frost-bites, trophic ulcers, lasting wounds. Before using the balsam,  clear the damaged place of slough. In case of burns or frost-bites, the damaged place shall be rubbed with a balsam each 2-3 hours, or apply as bandages every second day.

colphitis, endocervicitis, cervix uteri erosion. In case of cervix uteri erosion and  endocervicitis use applications of balsam-saturated tampons – change 2 times a day. The course involves 10-15 procedures. If necessary the course may be repeated after 4-6 week interval.

Otorhinolaryngological diseases
: relieves rhinitis of all types if dropped into nose 3-4 times a day.




presents a well-balanced natural complex of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, water-soluble vitamins of groups B, C, PP, F, K, chlorophyll, both saturated and non-saturated fatty acids, phosphatides, flavonoides. Green oil is medicative herb and root oil balsam. Without preservatives and stabilizers.

Composition: Widely offered group of carotinoides, including B carotene (pro-vitamin A), with an important role in the process of skin metabolism.  Chlorophyll features antibacterial effect, it eliminates seborrhea, and possesses anti-dandruff effect. Unsaturated fatty acids enable exchange of adipose matter, regulate skin heartiness, prevent excess hair dryness or greasiness. Vitamin K softens the influence of anti-coagulanths, favors epithelization in case of different head skin diseases (psoriasis). Vitamin F (poly-unsaturated fatty acids) enable absorption of different vitamins , especially vitamins C an B1. May be applied for treatment of different skin diseases, used to be called “a good-looks vitamin”   

Application: Use both externally and internally to increase external effect.

For external application: Dandruff control: Rub the oil into hair roots by means of rotating massage for 3-5 minutes, 20 - 30 minutes before washing hair. Hair loosing control; to stimulate hair growth: Rub the oil into skin by rotating massage for 3-5 minutes. Cover the hair with a towel, keep at least 3 hours. Apply 2 times a week within a month. Continue application once a week. Application of oil 30 minutes before hair washing is then sufficient. Treatment of thin, breaking hair with splitting ends: Wash hair with warm water, air-dry. Rub the oil into warmed-up skin and hair at the entire length during 3-5 minutes. Wrap the hair with towel, keep minimum 4 hours. Wash with a shampoo. Apply once a week for a month.

For internal use: 1 tea-spoon once a day.




Amaranth oil is a valuable product produced from amaranth seeds. It contains 67% of polyunsaturated fatty acids (OMEGA-6), lecithin, E vitamin and large amount of squalen. Squalen was first extracted from liver of a deep-water shark. The tissues and organs of our body are saturated with oxygen by means of this  remarkable combination. Amaranth oil contains 8% of squalen, and shark’s liver - 1.5%.
Scientists see squalen as an anti-tumorous factor. It strengthens the immune system.
Amaranth oil is produced in Latvia and is recommended as a supplement. It has been found out that various violations of nutrition are the cause for malignant tumors in over 30% of all cases. In particular, the deficiency of aliphatic acids and tocopherols in the nutrition contribute to the development of a number of localizations. Amaranth seed oil has a unique composition of biologically active substances which help to eliminate this deficiency.

RECOMMENDED to recover and strengthen the immune system; in case of metabolic disturbances; in case of cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis; in case of  oncological diseases; to excrete radioactive nuclides, for elimination of salts of heavy metals; in case of contagious and fungus diseases; in case of food poisoning (including alcoholic syndrome); in case of tonsillitis; to be instilled in the nasal cavity in the case of vasomotor rhinitis; in case of burns, eczema, ulcers and similar skin and mucous membrane injuries; in the case of burns, bedsores, pimples, insect bites; anti-ceilulitis programme; application in cosmetics (mask); scar treatment on face; to prevent the formation of wrinkles; as nutritive materials-and vitamins for nails; to prevent the formation of wrinkles; used for ordinary and bath massages; anti-radiculitis remedy; recommended for the use by manual therapeutics, masseurs and reflex therapeutics; for treatment of inflammatory disease of small pelvis organs; for dermatological diseases; efficient in case of stomatitis; may be used in the complex treatment of periodontitis and  parodontosis.

Dosage and method of use:
Take one teaspoon twice a day, half an hour before a meal 30-45 days.



(pumpkin seed and sea-buckthorn extract oil)

This oil contains 53 microelements and macroelements, including 13-14 mg of iron, 3-4 mg of magnesium, 8-10 mg of zinc, 5-6 mg of selenium. The complex of liposoluble vitamins contains A, E and F vitamins. F vitamin is represented as a mixture of polyunsaturated (aliphatic) fatty acids, oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, the content of which reaches up to 70%.

normalizes acido-alkali base balance in blood and in tissues; regulates physicochemical composition of urine, enhances excretion of urine acid, prevents the formation of and contributes to the dissolution of nephroliths in kidneys; contributes to the normalization of lipidic exchange and the level of cholesterol, contributes to the preservation of elasticity of walls of blood vessels, improvement of blood circulation; defends the organism against destructive effect of free radicals, of early aging; contributes to purification of the body, stimulates immunity, accelerates the processes of healing and regeneration; stimulates the development of prostaglandins, which are the modulators of hormonal activity (stimulates the contraction of unstriped muscles, reduces blood pressure, suppresses the activity of hormones such as vasopressin); regulates the functions of the reproductive system, normalizes spermatogenesis and ovarian cycle; prevents the development of prostatitis, adenoma and inflammatory processes in genitalia; reduces the risk of oncological diseases of skin and other organs;

For internal use:
Cholecytitis, urethra diskinesis, prostate disease, adenoma of prostate gland, metabolic disturbances, disorders of stomach secretory and motor-evacuatory functions, while using chemical preparations, to reduce intoxication.

Dosage and method of use
Take one teaspoon 3 times a day, half an hour before a meal.

For external application:
Herpes virus, dermatitis, diathesis, eczema, thermic and solar burns.




Milk Thistle (Carduus Marianus) oil is a richest complex of biologically active substances:  flavonoids,  irreplaceable highest fatty acids - linoleic acid, linolenic acid, carotinoides, A, B, E, K vitamins, antioxidants.   This   product   also   contains   a   special   component, silibinin, which reinforces and regenerates liver cells.
RECOMMENDED  in the following cases: liver function and  bile-excreting tract disorders  (cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty degeneration of liver, alcohol hepatitis); to excrete toxic substances out of the body;  to reduce the cholesterol level in blood; to normalize the functions of gastrointestinal tract; to strengthen and enhance elasticity of capillaries, to improve permeability hereof; to improve eyesight; to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases; has a general strengthening effect; in case of burns and wounds; in case of purulent processes; in case of stomatitis, gingivitis, pharyngitis; in case of eczemas, hyperkeratosis, neurodermatitis.

Dosage and directions for use
Take one teaspoon 3 times a day, half an hour before a meal. In case of burns and wounds, the surface previously shall be treated by any antiseptic is applied with a gauze bandage soaked with oil. In case of purulent processes,  bandages are to be changed every day.

For external application: For burns, wounds, in case of suppurative processes, eczema, hypercerathosis, ņeurodermatitis.




`From time immemorial, walnut has been regarded as one of the world wonders created by nature, and having no equivalent features in flora.
Walnut oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E, C, B, macro and micro elements (zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, cobalt).
The vitamins, the oil contains, raise energetic tone of the organism, and stabilize immunity. The aging processes are slowed down due to active participation in all oxidation and rejuvenescence processes.
The oil is essential for elderly people, especially for those who suffer from hypertension, heart atherosclerosis ischemia, diabetes. The preparation is successfully used in treatment of chronic hepatitis, heightened level of gastric juice acid, and thyroid hyperfunction. Walnut oil protects the organism from influence of cancerous substances. The organism is less predisposed to radiation, radio-nucleins are excreted out of the organism, this oil has anti-cancerous effect.
Since old times walnut oil has been used in treatment of tuberculosis and in cases of inflammation processes in lungs or bronchi. Since walnut oil is used also as a resolvent, it is a good remedy when treating skin and mucus inflammations. Walnut oil stimulates bruise and scar healing, as well as treats bad ulcers and sores.
The oil may be effectively used in treating psoriasis, eczema, furunculosis, varicose veins. The walnut oil is used also in cosmetology – for softening dray skin, and as a means of tan facilitation.
Walnut oil is very important factor in treatment and prophylactics of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases and in cases of metabolic disturbance.
Walnut oil is recommended in the following cases:   chronic arthritis, for bruise/scar treatment, burns, ulcers and other skin problems, chronic colitis, accompanied by constipations, as a rehabilitation treatment after operations and traumas, sugar diabetes, as well as for healing stomach and gut ulcers.
This oil is recommended for pregnant and nursing women.
Walnut oil contains herbal ferment stimulating circulation of blood in the genital area and spermatogenesis.
Walnut oil is a wonderful means of losing weight and rejuvenescence.
Walnut oil improves the indices of cell immunity, reduces the concentration of circulating immune complexes, making organism more resistant to respiratory affections.
Vitamin C and minerals zinc and copper are powerful anti-oxidants. By strengthening the vascular walls,  they work as a fat filter for liver and vascular walls, which is an important factor in treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diseases related to liver, endocrine system, including sugar diabetes.   

Due to the use of walnut oil, cholesterol production is reduced, vascular walls are strengthened, and the process of free radicle oxidation is restricted.




Regarding unsaturated fatty acids, which facilitate dilution of cholesterol and prevent the growth of cancerous cells, cedar oil is even better than the best sorts of olive oil. The oil contains considerable amount and composition of vitamins: A- the vitamin responsible for growth and development, B1 – favors metabolic processes, as well as leave positive effect on heart, blood-vessel, as well as central nervous systems, B2 – makes your sight better, and improves the condition of liver, skin and muscuous membrane, vitamin E – stimulates the endocrine system, as well as protects the cell membranes from damage, vitamin F – facilitates assimilation of albumen and fat splitting. Macro and micro elements, including such a valuable substance for human health as magnesium, forms correct structure of bones; potassium strengthens the cardic muscle, iron is a component  of hemoglobin, copper stimulates cerebration; manganese  is essential for cartilages and hormones, however zinc normalizes the functions of prostate, restores tissue, in other words – cedar oil is a unique preparation. Cedar oil has been successfully used both as prophylactic and healing means for such diseases as ulcers, chronic gastritis, anemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, atrophic cirrhosis, rheumatism, tuberculosis, leucosis, nephrite, nephrolith disease sugar diabetes and adiposity.




Briar rose fruit oil contains such biologically active substances as saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (linolin and others), carrotinoid, vitamins A, C, E, F, iron salt, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, micro elements (cuprum, strontium, molybdenum).
Briar rose oil is used as a source of poly-vitamin, corroborant substance, and protective capacity in case of flu and avitaminoses, as well as different infectious diseases.
Briar rose oil is a powerful antidepressant, eliminating indecision, besides it adds self-confidence.
Briar rose oil eliminates nervousness, makes skin more elastic, normalizes the functions of sebaceous and sweat glands, favors skin regeneration and rejuvenescence processes.
Briar rose oil is a well-known bile driving means; it is recommended especially in such cases as: cholecystitis, hepatitis, related to slowed bile driving. There is a proved positive effect of briar rose oil on bile secretion. The level of bile acids is raised and the qualities of pepsin are improved, therefore it is recommended if you have gastritis.
People who regularly consume briar rose oil, have normal level of cholesterol in blood, which is the main precondition for avoiding cardiovascular diseases.
This oil is especially recommended for people suffering from atherosclerosis. Blood vessel walls are strengthened by the oil, in such a way atherosclerotic layer cannot oppilate the walls.

The oil is recommended for people who have had insult. The oil may be used also for external application: for fissured nipples of nursing women, grazes, bedsores, trophic ulcers, dermatosis, burns and frostbites.




Pumpkin oil contains a great amount of biologically active substances: carrotinoides, tocopherols, phospholipids, vitamins B1, B2, C, P , flavonoids, unsaturated and poly-saturated fatty acids, oleic  acids, linolenic acids, linolic acids, palmitic acids and stearic acids.
Pumpkin oil is recommended in the following cases:

  • for normal metabolism;
  • for atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease;
  • for urinary bladder and adenomous prostate diseases with androgen and resolvent effect, eliminates pain in prostate and aids urine passage;
  • for prevention of chronic diseases;
  • for diseases accompanied  by disturbance of lipid exchange (adiposity, psoriasis, herpes, etc.)
  • for chronic diffusive liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver fat dystrophy, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic liver disturbances);
  • for cholecystoholangite,  dyskinesia of bile-ducts, stomach and duodenal ulcer;
  • for treatment of acute and chronic gastritis, heartburns;
  • for elimination of  toxic substances out of organism;
  • for elasticity of arteries and skin.




     Black Caraway seed is a really admirable plant. For many centuries millions of people have been making use of black caraway seed oil.

     Black caraway seed oil contains unique combination of biologically active substances: nigellons, minerals, sulphur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, active enzymes, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A and E. Linoleum acid  - 55-65%, oleic acid – 15-18%, palmitic acid  - 10-12%, eicosanic acid – 4-5%, sterinic acid – 1-3%, alpha-linolenic acid – up to 1%.

     The characteristic aroma of the oil is defined by the presence of an odorous substance – carvone.

     Black caraway seed oil is used as a highly effective cure for the urinary system (diuretic), cholagogue, as a light laxative, and a stimulant for immune system (beneficial for thymus, stimulating its functions). As a rule, the thymus functions as a defensive mechanism for the whole body immunity system and increases resistance to diseases. Besides, the oil is widely used to cure different dermatological diseases related to disorders in neurohumoral  mechanisms of control and histamine. Due to the presence of black cumin, the oil contributes to lowering the level of glucose in blood. Moreover, essential oils the oil contains, are well know for their bactericidal and antiseptic effect. “Consumption of black caraway seed oil facilitates formation of bone-marrow and immunocytes, which make a part of life-support system.” The above mentioned fact is officially approved by scientific researchers of Cancer and Immune Biological Laboratory of Southern California. “Moreover”, they added, “ the registered facts reveal the great potential of black caraway seed oil in curing and prevention of malignant tumours.

  • The oil is like a tonic for our immune system. While consuming the black caraway seed oil, the whole organism is strengthened. The blood tests of people consuming the black caraway seed oil, revealed that the number of life-important T-lymphocytes, T-killers, and other cells responsible for strengthening the defensive mechanisms, were multiplied several times, and accordingly lead the patients to recovery.
  • stones in the kidney and urinary bladder are dissolved,
  • is used as a vermicide,
  • prevents adiposity, facilitates loss in weight,
  • lowers the level of cholesterol in blood,
  • favourable for lactation as it facilitates the formation of milk,
  • cures cold, cough, dyspnoea , yellow fever, impotence,
  • effective in case of  bronchitis, asthma,
  • favourably affects the functions of intestinal canal, due to elimination of signs disbacteriosis
  • effective fungicide (Candida Albicans), antibacterial therapy, virucide: eliminates irritation, regenerates inflamed parts of skin. In 1992, at the Medical Department of the University of Dahe (Bangladesh), there were studied the antibacterial qualities of the black caraway seed oil, if compared to five strong antibiotics: Ampicillin, Tetracycline, Co-trimoxazol, Gentamicin and Acidum Nalidixicum. The results obtained, without doubt, deserve admiration – the black caraway seed oil proved itself to be more effective in all aspects.  

     Gastric disorders, flatulent stomach due to insufficient bile excretion, podagra, bilious headache, exhaustion, stimulation of immune system and digestion, anti-fever and diaphoretic effect, diarrhoea, vermicide, antibacterial, fungicide, anti-virus therapy, headache, earache, toothache (gum and tooth inflammation), high arterial tension, nose mucous membrane bleeding, haemophilia, malignant tumours, cestodes ( tapeworms), haemorrhoids, diabetes mellitus, lactal gland over-secretion, normalization of uterus haemorrhage, incontinence of urine, stomach and duodenal ulcer, lowering the level of cholesterol in blood, facilitation of sexual functions, prostatitis, urethritis.

     Sinusitis (nasal cavity inflammation), expectoration, hacking cough, bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, cold, antritis, tonsillitis (inflammation of upper pipes).

     Dermatophyte with localized on nails, feet, rheumatism, muscular and skeletal affections, dermatitis, leprosy, honeycomb ringworm, acne, chronic and allergic skin inflammations.

     The oil shall be used in the morning and evening 15 minutes before a meal, one teaspoon at a time, wash down with half a glass of water, diluted with one table spoon of honey.

     For eternal application: spread the black caraway seed oil over the damaged parts of skin. Smear the nasal cavities from inside.

Universal dosage is adjusted individually:
1 to 3 years old: half of a teaspoon a day.
3 to 6 years old: one teaspoon a day.
6 to 12 years old: 2 teaspoons a day.
12 years and up: 3 teaspoons a day.
If oil is used with honey or other natural juice, the therapeutic qualities of the black caraway seed oil become more explicit.

NOTE!: During pregnancy  - not for internal use! May be used only eternally for sore greasing.  The oil must not be used by patients with transplanted parts of body (liver, kidney, heart) due to the fact that the immune system is strengthened and rejection of the transplant becomes more possible.




      Since time immemorial, sesame seeds have been used to extract valuable sesame oil. They contain greasy oil (up to 60%), composed of glycerides of olein, linolin, palmitine, stearine, arachine acid and lignocaine acid; phytostreine, sesamine  (chloroform), sesamole, sesamolin, samol, they are also  rich in calcium, phosphorus, E vitamin, magnesium and zinc.         

      The oil is prepared according to an old recipe and is well-known for its high quality;  the oil is in possession of a slightly sweet taste of nuts, its structure is somewhat light. The oil contains a lot of different microelements (zinc, calcium), E and A vitamins, as well as excellently balanced poly-unsaturated fatty acids, albumin and natural antioxidants (the most important is sesamole).

      Sesame oil is a valuable food additive favorably influencing health in cases of lipid exchange disorders (it normalizes metabolism), hypertonic diseases, inflammations and degenerative processes of joints. Sesame oil is effectively used as a preventive measure for osteoporosis, due to presence of such important elements as calcium, phosphorus (bone tissue building material), phytoestrogens, controlling the bone resoption processes. In case of weakened organism, sesame oil facilitates “flash growing”, while in case of corpulence – slimming. In all cases sesame oil facilitates body strengthening.  

      Sesame oil is treated as a healing product, facilitating elimination of all poisons and toxic  substances.  In Indian medicine the sesame oil is called a “hot and spicy” product. It can defeat all the “cold” diseases, suppressing  „mucilage and wind”. This oil is effectively used to heal lung diseases, chokes, dry cough, asthma, as well as heart, liver, cholecyst, pancreas (mainly, in case of diabetes) and thyreoid gland diseases,  and also as a remedy for diseases related to heightened  level of gastric acid and anemia. The oil is successfully used for treatment of constipation and ulcers.  In modern medicine the sesame oil is used also internally, especially in cases of thrombopenic purpura, essential thrombopenia and hemorrhagic diathesis.  The number of thrombocytes is increased and the circulation of blood – accelerated by sesame oil. The oil is also used for treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis (it prevents formation of thrombus). The oil may be applied in cases of dryness of nasal cavity mucuous membrane (including burning, itch, blocked nose, formation of crusts and thickenings) – two drops of sesame oil before sleep. Rubbing in soles of the feet and breast, you get rid of will  cold and chronic manifestations of cold. Two drops of sesame oil in ears will help you to improve your hearing ability and avoid other diseases related to hearing.

      For thousands of years people have known sesame oil as an elixir of beauty.  It is able to penetrate in the deepest layers of skin, by softening and purifying it, as well as eliminating the harmful products of metabolism, as well as necrotic cells and dirt. The oil treats skin as  a natural antioxidant, it prevents signs of premature aging. The oil is effectively used for massage. It is great for teeth and gum strengthening and prevents the formation of caries. The oil improves your voice. Before going out of your house, rub the nasal mucuous membrane with the sesame oil – this is a highly effective  way to war against illnesses. 




Contains vitamin E, group B vitamins, B carotene, myrtillin and neomyrtillin, anthocyanins and catechins, tannins, organic acids (citric, malic, succinic, quinic, benzoic, lactic, oxalic acid), proteins, pectin, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, nickel, cobalt, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chromium.

Anthocyanins play the main role in blueberry oil activity as their constituent glucose is not absorbed by the cell membrane. However, in nature, anthocyanins are usually found in the form of glycoside (carbohydrates). This form ensures resistance to light and enzyme action, besides the glycoside form improves the solubility of the pigments in the cell sap.

Blueberry anthocyanins have the following action:

  •  A strong antioxidant effect, preventing damage to the eye tissue caused by free radicals;
  • Reduce capillary fragility; strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increasing their elasticity;
  • Prevent the development of inflammation and formation of thrombus;
  • Improve the flexibility of the cell membrane, stabilise the endothelial cell phospholipids, prevent platelet aggregation;
  • Activate metabolism at the cellular level;
  • Improve blood flow to the eye, improve microcirculation and stimulate blood flow to the retina; used in the case that diabetes mellitus has caused changes to the retina;
  • Have a positive impact in ageingrelated macular degeneration, glaucoma; reduce the risk of its development;
  • Suppress aldose reductase activity preventing the formation of sorbitol in the lens tissue and the development of cataract;
  • Activate the retinal enzymes; accelerate the regeneration of photosensitive retinal pigment rhodopsin, increasing its sensitivity to changes in light intensity: improve visual acuity in low light or dusk conditions, provide intense light adaptation, and prevent depletion of rhodopsin.

MELOCEDIN is used as an antioxidant and angioprotecting means in the following cases:

  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Hypertension, atherosclerosis;
  • Varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.

MELOCEDIN is used for treating the following diseases:

  • Retinal dystrophy and degeneration;
  • Diabetic angiopathy (to prevent eye diseases), diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of different origin;
  • Diabetic cataract, early stages of cataract;
  • Night blindness and disorder of visual adaptation mechanisms in the dark;
  • In the case of increased load on the visual apparatus (including the load of light) (to protect the retina from sunlight, computer, television and other forms of radiation);
  • Reduced visual acuity, visual fatigue, eyestrain, eye muscle fatigue;
  • Nearsightedness, farsightedness;
  • Conditions after injuries and inflammatory eye diseases, to promote healing after eye surgery;
  • Ageingrelated structural eye changes (vitreous destruction, etc.).

Previously it was known that blueberry oil strengthens eyesight, but recently scientists found additional evidence for a number of its other unique properties.

The first serious blueberry studies were conducted at the Nutrition Research Centre of the University of Boston. The researchers found that blueberry extract was able to restore many of the body's functions and significantly delay the ageing process (even to stimulate the body's rejuvenation).

Scientists from the Nutrition Research Centre of the University of Boston, under the direction of the leading scientist of the University Dr. Joseph, conducted the following experiments.

19monthold rats (equivalent to 60 65 human years) were given blueberry extract, while the other experimental group received spinach or strawberry extract. After eight weeks (equivalent to 70 75 human years), the control group rats and the rats treated with extracts of strawberry and spinach, and blueberry were subjected to a variety of memory and motor function tests. The latter included tasks such as walking on a narrow rod, and the most difficult of all, acceleration on a rotating rod.

While all the rats showed some improvement in memory and problem solving skills, only those rats receiving blueberry extract showed a rapid improvement in balance and motor coordination. Rats treated with blueberry extract, could run faster and for a longer period of time both on a narrow rod and spinning rod. In fact, on average, they managed to remain almost twice as long on the rod as the control group.

Moreover, the rats that were given blueberry extract managed to keep their balance on the narrow rod for almost as long as juvenile rats. Young rats can stay on the rod 13 seconds, old rats 5 seconds.
Those rats that were treated with blueberry extract were able to remain on the rod 10 to 11 seconds, which is very close to the results of young rats.

In the September 1999 issue of the Journal of Neurology Dr. Joseph said: "This is the first study that has shown that food additives, developed from fruit and vegetable extracts with high antioxidant content, can actually completely change the neural ageingrelated behavioural dysfunctions." Experts from the magazine Life Extension (USA) say: "The generality and formality of this statement should not obscure the fact that something extraordinary was found. We do not know any other product that can fully improve ageingrelated motor dysfunctions. And only daily doses of blueberry extract did it."

Melocedin demonstrated its ability to increase the amount of dopamine in the brain. This compound regulates the most important processes in the brain. And the younger the brain the regulator of all processes in the body the younger the body itself. Increased dopamine contributes to the development of the growth hormone, which is responsible for cell renewal and rejuvenation of the entire body.

Blueberries promote cell membrane permeability and reduce inflammation. They also improve nerve conduction ability – the transmission of nerve impulses.

Another important feature of the flavonoids found in blueberry extract is their ability to raise glutathione levels. Glutathione is the most important endogenous (selfproduced) antioxidant.

Glutathione is a powerful protector of the nervous tissue, as well as an effective neutraliser of chronic inflammation, which is an essential factor in all the major diseases associated with ageing. For example, Parkinson's patients have low levels of glutathione.

Furthermore Melocedin strengthens the blood vessels, lowers blood sugar levels, reduces intestinal fermentation and putrefaction, it is recommended for treating gout, diseases associated with metabolic disorders, anaemia, inflammation of the mouth, laryngitis, jaundice, urethritis, oedema, urinary incontinence and skin diseases.

Blueberries are also recommended in the case of peripheral circulatory disorders, including varicose veins, haemorrhoids, and also in the treatment of burns and ulcers, stomatitis and gingivitis.

Blueberry anthocyanins help to normalise the bloodbrain barrier and restore its permeability, which in turn prolongs life. Phenols are able to stop the growth and spread of tumours.

Melocedin is a unique means to prolong life and prevent many serious diseases.


For disease prevention 1 teaspoon before bedtime (do not wash down with water). Shake before use.

To treat a disease 3 times a day 20 minutes before meal.




Salvisil is oil made of pumpkin and milk thistle seeds. Salvisil contains a record number of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. The oil has a very high content of alpha-linolenic acid, higher than in any species of flora or fauna. Salvisil is an ideal source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. It contains a set of B group vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, carbohydrates and natural antioxidants, which include chlorogenic and caffeic acid, flavonol, quercetin, kaempferod and myricetin. Thanks to the large amount of antioxidants it contains, it can significantly slow the ageing process and prevent the development of not only cardiovascular, but also oncological diseases.

Salvisil helps in cases of:

  • heart problems – ischemic heart diseases, heart attacks, strokes;
  • vascular diseases – atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis;
  • diabetes and pancreatic diseases;
  • skin diseases – psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis;
  • problems with veins – thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, excessive blood clotting, thrombosis;
  • problems with joints – rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis and pathological changes in joints;
  • pains of various origin – migraines, headaches, menstrual pain;
  • tracheal and bronchial diseases – bronchial asthma, diseases of vocal cords.

Chlorogenic acid is a unique substance. It is particularly valuable due to the fact that it can effectively burn fat deposits in the body.

Salvisil has a great capability of eliminating early signs of incipient depression.

Salvisil helps cleanse the blood vessels from harmful cholesterol and eliminates cholesterol plaques. It normalises the condition of blood vessels and improves blood circulation. The metabolism of the body is also normalised thanks to all those processes. It also normalises blood pressure and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Due to the high content of calcium, the oil promotes beneficial development and operation of the musculoskeletal system in both children and adults. Supplying the body with calcium, Salvisil prevents and mitigates the manifestation of osteoporosis in the elderly and in women during menopause.

The potassium contained in Salvisil improves memory, stabilises the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and relieves muscle cramps. Zinc enhances functioning of muscles as well as the immune and reproductive systems. Salvisil positively affects the endocrine system due to a rich set of microelements involved in the functioning of the hormonal system and the most important enzymes.

The antioxidants contained in Salvisil have a large number of useful properties, the most valuable of which is the ability to eliminate free radicals, which arise from the process of cellular oxidation. Only a limited and controlled number of radicals has benefits for the human body. They play an important role in the immune system’s functioning and have the ability to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and prevent the development of oncological diseases.

Salvisil helps in cases of genital herpes and candidiasis. It is indicated during menstrual disorders, menstrual pains and menopause as a condition "stabiliser". Salvisil promotes removal of toxins and helps during any excessive accumulation of fluid in the body (edema). It normalises hormonal status in patients with tuberculosis and effectively helps with rheumatic and muscular pains and neuralgia.

Dosage – one teaspoon per day (30 minutes before meals).



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